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Eindhoven - from village to city of lights

Less known to tourists, Eindhoven is actually a place that has more to offer than you would expect.  First because it is at the crossroads of several big European cities: Brussels, Düsseldorf, Rotterdam, so you have the opportunity to organize a city break rich in adventures and destinations.

Originally certified as a village, Eindhoven is now the largest city in the south of the Netherlands, and is also known as the City of Lights because of the big leap in the industry. Here you will find out about the giant Philips, but also about the car and truck manufacturer DAF. Eindhoven boasts museums dedicated to technology, churches dating back hundreds of years, and green areas where you can always have fun.

What to see in Eindhoven?

The DAF Museum

It is one of the most famous museums in the south of the Netherlands, reflecting the success of DAF (Doorne Aanhangwagen Fabriek), founded by brothers Hab and Wim Van Dorn in a small hardware store, initially producing simple engineering products gradually evolving from trailers to cars and trucks.

The Van Gogh's Village

Nuenen is only 8 km from Eindhoven and is known for the fact that Van Gogh lived here between 1883 and 1885, in the house of the local pastor. The house has been renovated and looks like the period when the famous artist lived here. You can also visit the museum, named after the famous artist, with many objects that belonged to him, especially letters.

The St. Catherine's Church

First, you will be amazed by the architecture of the church, because it does not look like a typical church at all. The establishment dates back to 1867 and has a Gothic style. In its place, still in the twelfth century there was another church. The building has two impressive 73-meter towers, "named" David Tower and Maria Tower. Today there are many works by Joseph Thijim.

The Philips Museum

It is located in proximity to the factory where the well-known Gerard Philips produced the first light bulbs in the 1890s. The museum, where many of Philips' most memorable products are on display, excellently tells the story of the company and its progress over time. One of the museum's most popular features is the Eureka Mission, an interactive game that involves digital quizzes and puzzles, and there are other interactive exhibits that children enjoy. Guided tours of the museum and the sights of Philips are offered in English.  

The Van Abbé Gallery

The Netherlands is the country where art is at home, so visiting the Van Abbé Gallery is a must, especially because it is one of the most important modern art galleries in this country. Here you can admire over 2700 pieces, including the works of Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso. Alongside are El Lissitzky's works, sculptures, posters, video works from Paris, the USA, Germany or Eastern Europe.

The Dierenrijk Zoo Lennart Tange

If you are traveling with the little ones, the Eindhoven Zoo should be on the “Must visit” list, especially since here children can get close to pets to feed them, even the biggest ones, such as elephants, bears and tigers. In addition to the non-verbal and fluffy ones, children will be able to play on playgrounds, while adults can enjoy exhibitions both indoors and outdoors, which means that the capricious weather will not be an impediment.

The PSV Eindhoven Stadium

For sports enthusiasts, especially football fans, we recommend visiting the stadium of the most beloved team in Eindhoven, which also has a recently opened museum. The football team is known to be financially independent and is one of the three largest teams in the Netherlands. Entrance is free and you can also enjoy a beer at the terrace bar located on the stadium. A plus to visit this place is the fact that a corner of the stadium is for the little ones.  

The Old Town

The old town is a pedestrian zone of the city. Here, many historic buildings were destroyed during World War II, but as many were renovated with the preservation of original architectural elements. On the streets where only walkers pass, the locals enjoy their morning coffee on terraces, and tourists can discover the local entrepreneurs and their products, which fondle their taste buds. There are also many souvenir shops right in the heart of the city.

The Inkijk and Ton Smits Huis Museums

There are two museums that tourists have labeled as the most unusual in the city. Maybe because Inkijkm is situated in the laundry room of a former lingerie factory. And the second is a former studio where art reigns, because in the past it belonged to one of the most famous cartoon artists in the Netherlands.

What to taste in Eindhoven?

When going on a trip, we always try to delight our taste buds, and in Eindhoven this is no exception. Please note not to miss a few menu items in this city:

- Salted herring. It sounds unusual, but the Dutch eat it before the main meal. It is worth trying it at least once.

- Cheese. You can't help but hear about Dutch cheese. The cheese delight in Eindhoven is, in fact, as tasty as in Amsterdam, maybe even better because it is produced in small quantities by locals.

- Stews with sausages, ham, potatoes, onions and apples. The most famous names of local stews are Kale, Sauerkraut or Stamppot.

- Desserts. The delicious Poffertjes donuts, served with fruit jam or cream will conquer you right away. If, however, there is room for other attempts, choose Chocoladeletter, a letter-shaped chocolate, offered by Santa Claus, but which is quite popular during the rest of the year. Some tourists even take it as a souvenir.