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Batumi - one of the most important cities on the Georgian Black Sea coast and also the largest port. Here you'll find a great cultural and social mix, a combination of past and future and a special architecture.

In Batumi the climate is humid subtropical, which makes the vegetation even richer: with palm, figs, orange and banana trees. Here the average temperature in January is 7 degrees Celsius, it snows quite rarely and when it snows, the snow melts immediately. Most people don't even have heating in their houses - they simply put more clothes on in winter.

What to visit in Batumi?

Batumi promenade

Batumi Boulevard is a boardwalk about 7 km long, lying next to the city's largest beach. A pleasant alley with bars, cafes and restaurants connects the old city centre to the new centre and is definitely worth a walk along it.

The beach is rocky, but it's very popular.

Dancing fountains. The fountains are interesting in the evenings after it gets dark - they are beautifully illuminated and the people who designed them made the water play well synchronized with the musical pieces. There are varied pieces, from classical and opera to rock and pop, so you don't get bored too quickly.

The Botanical Garden is Batumi's true jewel, located 12 km north of the city. The garden is situated on a steep climb, so be prepared for a long climb to the mountain, and as a reward you will find a miraculous view of the Black Sea.

The Alphabet Tower and the Ali and Nino statue.

The Alphabet Tower is a beautifully colored and illuminated metal construction. You can go up by elevator, and at the top you'll find a restaurant and a panoramic zone.

The Ali and Nino statue, which moves, and the two silhouettes intertwine, practically passing through each other.

The Europe Square is surrounded by buildings of beautiful architecture, in the middle of which stands the statue of Princess Medea holding the Golden Fleece.

The Central Mosque of Batumi and the Orthodox Cathedral of the Mother of God - a Gothic style building with a beautiful history.

The Museum of Adjara region, located in a neighborhood of old houses. Although not large, it is complex and covers many different sections relating to the Adjara region. The succession of rooms takes you through geology, plants and species of animals and birds, archaeology and the history of settlement in the area. There are rooms in the style of the Village Museum, traditions and customs, handicrafts and processing of various materials, the area of paintings and art objects, rooms dedicated to weapons and wars on the territory of Georgia. In the inner courtyard of the museum you can enjoy a special landscape - still life with Soviet tractor, Turkish battle cannons and a whale skeleton.

Argo cable car

Travelling by cable car (not chairlift) over the city is a worthwhile experience. From the gondola you get a beautiful view of the city and, most importantly, you get a sense of its true size and the proportions of the giant buildings.


The most famous dish, which should not be missed, is the Adjarian Khachapuri. Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian meal and is a kind of cheese pie with egg.

Another traditional dish is Khinkali. A kind of dough packets in which they put some kind of meatballs.

The traditional Georgian bread called Tonis Puri is also very good. It's well-flavored, fluffy and has an excellent crunchy crust. The bread is baked in a special oven and glued to its walls with a special cushion.

Wines - with a history of over 8000 years. Georgia is considered the country where wine was born. Saperavi is the most cultivated grape variety in Georgia and the most popular Georgian wine.