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Cheap flights and Cheap Holidays to Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg got its name in honor of Peter 1's wife, Yekaterina. The city is close to the border between Europe and Asia, which passes through the Sverdlovsk Region, but it is entirely located on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains. The height above sea level is 270 m, which is not very high compared to the top of the mountain range (1895 m). However, sensitive people note that the air in Yekaterinburg is sharp, as in any high-altitude area.

The weather

Yekaterinburg is located in a temperate continental climate zone. Winters here are cold and summers can be both hot and cold. Daily temperature fluctuations of 30-40 ° C are a common phenomenon, so it should not be surprising if it suddenly snows in summer. Winters can be surprising too; severe frost can be replaced by thaw and vice versa.

Interesting facts for tourists

The entire city can be seen from a height from the 52nd floor of the "Vysotsky" business center. In addition to enjoying the beautiful view of Yekaterinburg, in this same building you can also visit the Vladimir Vysotsky Museum, which displays his personal belongings and preserves the hotel room where he used to stay.

Here you can find two color markings for backpackers: blue and red. The blue marking connects the landmarks associated with the existing royal houses in the city. This marking begins with the church (‘’Church in blod’’), which was built on the place where Nicholas II and his family were killed. The red marking is 6.5 kilometers long, and while passing along it, tourists can get to know the main attractions of the city.

Weiner is the main street for backpackers. There are many cafes, monuments, music stores here.

On the streets of Yekaterinburg you can find pianos with the inscription "You are not punished for music, play it!"

The largest keyboard can also be found in Yekaterinburg. They say if you write your dream on this keyboard and press “Enter”, your dream will come true.

Tourists interested in history and politics will love the Boris Yeltsin Museum.

For relaxation and swimming, you can visit "Ural Baikal" - Lake Turgoyak. Clay was mined in this area for a long time, until 2012, after which water of a beautiful blue color was collected here. Here you can get many beautiful photos for your Instagram. It is also interesting to visit "Uralyan Mars".

In Yekaterinburg, you should also visit the house of the Sevastyanovs, which is their business card and is a historical and architectural monument. This building is often depicted on cards representing Yekaterinburg.