Guide for Safe Travel

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Preventive Measures for Safe and Pleasant Flights

Trip Planning

Online planning – book tickets on Select online card payment.

Check-in online and get the boarding pass on your mobile.

Be aware that you do not display any symptoms characteristic to COVID-19. Do not go to the airport if you have any of these symptoms.

Make sure you always have protective masks, gloves and hand sanitizer prepared. Make sure you replace your mask every four hours.

Before arriving at the airport

Complete the epidemiological card with true information.

Only travelling passengers with valid tickets can enter the airport terminal. Persons that accompany are not provided access into the airport.

Limit the direct contact of any surfaces and remember about social distancing.

Mind the respiratory etiquette – covering the mouth and nose with a paper towel cover or a flexed elbow when sneezing or coughing, even when wearing a mask. Throw the paper towel in the recycle bin immediately after use.

Have your ticket and all travel documents ready. The latest travel restrictions can be checked here.

Allow sufficient time for new safety and checking procedures.

At the departure airport

Mind hand hygiene.

Comply with thermal scanning requirements.

Maintain physical distancing of 1.5 meters between individuals at the airport, while embarking or disembarking.

Read health promotion materials.

Be informed and follow the instructions of the airport staff.

Check-in online to minimize any possible physical contact at the airport.


Mind hand hygiene.

Remain seated with the seatbelt fastened as much as possible. Follow staff instructions for safe boarding.

Remember board safety instructions and consider crew operational recommendations and guidance.

If you do not feel well, immediately inform the FLYONE crew.

When necessary, use hygiene and antibacterial cleaning products.

Limit the direct contact of any surfaces and minimize any possible physical contact.

After landing

Follow staff instructions about specific disembarkation procedures.

Do not hurry to collect your luggage, maintain social distancing and be calm.

FLYONE Protective Measures

Informing passengers about the preventive measures to be considered and respected.

Aircraft disinfection.

Providing cabin crew with masks, gloves and disinfectants.

Equipping the aircraft with hygienic and antibacterial products.

Seat configuration should adhere to preventive measures of 1 metre distance if allowed by passenger load.

Air filtering of aircraft through HEPA filters, which destroy 99,97 of viruses and bacteria.

Removal of magazines for reducing physical contacts.

Passengers with COVID-19 symptoms are not allowed on board.

Reduced food and drink service by offering pre-packaged and sealed food and drink products, such as canned drinks.

Ongoing enhancement of protective measures in line with CAA, ANSP, EASA, IATA, WHO, ICAO recommendations.

Be polite, responsible and contribute to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

Take care of you and the people surrounding you. FLYONE - your safe travel partner.

Guide for safe travel can be download here.