The European Union has adopted a set of rules of security, which strictly limit the quantity of liquids that you can transport in your luggage.

Some of the liquids are:
  • Beverages, including water and other refreshing drinks, soups, syrups
  • Creams, lotions and oils
  • Perfume
  • Deodorant spray
  • Gels, including hair gels and shower gels
  • The content of the recipients under pressure, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants
  • Mixtures of liquid and solid substances
  • Cosmetic products for make-up
  • Other items with similar consistency
When you pack
Take into account that each liquid must be in its own recipient, whose capacity must not exceed 100 ml. These liquids will not exceed the maximum limit of 1000 ml per person/passenger, all taken together. The recipients must be packed in plastic, transparent and resealable bags. The items must be loosely stored and the bag must be sealed. Only one bag with liquids is allowed per passenger.

The bag must be presented separately at the airport’s security control. These rules apply to all of the passengers leaving from EU airports, no matter the destination.

Passengers departing from a non-EU country landing in one EU country will comply with these rules. Remember, you will not be allowed to transport liquids in a quantity bigger than 1000 ml in the hand luggage, given the above conditions.

It is allowed:
  • To introduce liquids in the registered luggage, the new rules are applicable only to the hand luggage
  • To take medicine and the necessary products to a special diet, including products for the babies, destined to be used during the trip. You may be requested to prove that the products will be used on board.
  • To buy liquids, like drinks or perfumes at the shops in the EU airports, placed far away from where you are requested to present your boarding ticket or from the board of the EU operated airlines. If these liquids are sold in special sealed bags, do not open them before passing the security control, otherwise, the content of the bag may be confiscated at the control points (if you are transferring from one airport to another in EU, do not open the bag before passing the control at the transfer airport, or at the last transfer airport, if you get transferred several times).
These liquids are additional to the quantities stipulated for the bags with closing/opening elements, mentioned above.

Help the security personnel identify the liquids! In order to do that, you must:
  • Present all of the liquid substances that you have to the security personnel, in order to get examined
  • Take off all coats, trenches and jackets. These are controlled separately
  • Take the portable calculators along with the rest of the electronic devices out from the hand luggage. They will be controlled separately
In the airplane’s cabin you can transport living animals (dogs and cats) and in order to get acquainted with the rules of transporting animals, access the category Transporting pets.