Zero tolerance policy


Our main objective is to ensure an excellent level of safety and security for all FLYONE’s customers and staff. Unruly passengers can create serious safety hazards by interfering with the operation of an aircraft.
These are a nuisance to other passengers and a danger to themselves in an emergency situation.

Unruly passengers will be reported to the responsible authorities and may face legal consequences (fines, retention).

Passengers should be aware that FLYONE is permitted to deny boarding to anyone who behaves in an unruly or disruptive manner. The unruly passenger is not entitled to a refund.

FLYONE believes that prevention is the main strategy in dealing with unruly passengers and acts accordingly.

WARNING: FLYONE declares Zero Tolerance Policy to be applied!

FLYONE Zero Tolerance Policy:
- empowers crews and ground staff to take reasonable steps to prevent disruptive and drunken behavior and, to deal with it as effectively as practicable including refusal of carriage of passengers who have the potential to create the disturbances;
- supports crews and ground staff taking such action;
- encourages the police to prosecute disruptive passengers in appropriate cases, especially when there have been assaults on FLYONE staff;
- assists and supports crew members and ground staff who are required, after an incident, to give witness statements to the police or to appear in court proceedings when unruly passengers are prosecuted;
- provides appropriate training to crew and ground staff in dealing with conflicts;
- denies future carriage to abusive passengers who remain a threat to employees of the company;
- encourages Ground Staff to detect and report disruptive behavior at check-in, in the lounges and at the boarding gate in order to prevent such passengers from boarding;
- Keeps Ground Staff, Cabin Crew and Flight Crew aware of potentially disruptive passengers.

FLYONE policy applies equally to all passengers regardless of their class of travel or status.