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Saint Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia and the greatest Northern city, also called “the Northern Capital” or the “Cultural Capital” of the country. River Neva is crossing along the city, which is also the biggest Baltic Sea port city. The day of the foundation of Sankt Petersburg is considered to be the 16th of May 1703, under the reign of Peter the Ist. The territory was subject to diverse conflicts and disastrous destructions, coming to live only after the second world war, becoming during the twentieth century one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Over the time, it was renamed several times: after WWI the Bolsheviks called it Petrograd, then, in 1924, after Lenin’s death, it received the name of Leningrad in his memory. Also, for a certain period Saint Petersburg became the capital of Russia, at Peter the Ist’s insistence. Saint Petersburg lies on 42 islands united by 432 pedestrian bridges, highways and railroads. At nighttime, the bridges rise to allow the ships to proceed towards the sea. Granite pavements comprise the 70 rivers and canals that separate the islands. The climate is continental, with short and hot summers, while winters present themselves with low temperatures and heavy snows. The city is also very famous for its white nights, a real touristic attraction for anyone visiting.

Public transportation in Saint Petersburg is very affordable but also very crowded. The most preferred means of transportation is the subway. Passengers can buy tickets and passes for all types of transport. The bus and trolleybus tickets cost 21 Rubles and can be bought directly from the conductor. A tram trip costs 19 Rubles and you can buy tickets likewise. You can choose to take the minibus, which costs 27 Rubles, or the taxi.

Saint Petersburg is the city of palaces and bridges in the baroque style. The museums, art galleries, cathedrals and parks will transform your journey in a fantastic experience.
Menshikov Palace is the first stone castle, built in 1710 after the plans of Italian architects.
Petrodvorets Palace is also called “the Russian Versailles”. Situated at 29 km away from Saint Petersburg, it represents conglomeration of fountains, golden statues and almost 150 waterfalls.
The Palace Square is a symbol of the city. Here is where all the historical events took place, with Alexander’s Column in the center, which is 47m tall, built to commemorate the victory of the Russian troops against Napoleon.
Tsarskoe Selo is 16km away from Saint Petersburg, representing a complex of elegant buildings, arks, fountains and monuments built in a neoclassic style.
The Hermitage is the biggest art and history museum in Russia and in the whole world, situated in the most beautiful part of the city.
The Church of Christ’s Resurrection is an old Russian style majestic monument, with colorful and sparkling domes. Also called the Church of Spilled Blood, it is built in the honour of Tsar Alexander the IInd right in the place where he was assassinated.
Kazan Cathedral is an orthodox church dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary.
Saint Peter and Paul’s Fortress is the oldest fortress inside which you can see different cathedrals, the Mausoleum of the Great Dukes, or a sand beach. This territory used to be the home of the main prison for political offenders.
The Bell Tower belonging to Saint Peter and Paul’s Cathedral is found inside the cathedral. It is of 123m height and this is the place where you can get the perfect view of the entire city.
The Saint Petersburg Triumphal Arch is entirely built out of iron and represents a symbol for commemorating the Russian victory over the Turks.

Saint Petersburg offers you a wide range of hotels and hostels, providing all inclusive accommodation, with luxurious rooms, pools, sports facilities and private parking. The most booked ones are Golden Hotel, Kempinski Hotel Moyka 22, Majestic Boutique Hotel Deluxe, Domina Prestige St. Petersburt, Lime Hostel, Vila Sankt Petersburg etc.

The Russians eat well and a lot. The breakfast usually includes pancakes, eggs, deli meat, and tea or coffee. A specific Russian dish is the potato and meat soup, and of course, the famous red borsch with plenty of sour cream. As Saint Petersburg is a port city, there a lot of fish and seafood dishes are served here. Dinner is also quite sumptuous and includes different dishes. In terms of drinking, Russian is one of the top tea consumers. Vodka is the traditional strong drink, which is being served with a snack (usually a pickle). In summertime the Russians drink a lot of beer.