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Iran - the heir of the ancient Persians, is considered the second-largest country in the Middle East and has a rich history, it is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Tehran - Bright Capital. The giant city with many places, which are must-visit. Tehran is socially divided into north and south parts. South Tehran - This is the place where traditional families live, which, as a rule, hurt the miserable and corrupt regimes, and the religious disease. The north belongs to modern-day Iran. Contemporary Tehran - a vast city with long boulevards, impressive monuments, lively bazaars, and Persian sad dams.

What to visit in Tehran:

Milad Tower:

The highest building in the city. The hillsides on the hill, as well as on the snow-covered peak of Damavand, the height of which is 5671 meters, which is the highest point in Iran.

Azadi Tower:

A marvelous monument to Azadi, a devastating monument to the 1970s, was erected in the 2500-year-old celebration of the first Persian Empire. It became a symbol of the city.

Grand Bazaar:

There is an eastern story, from the seller of the box to the specifics and the weavers - the best that you can share, - that you can look for it in the forest if the seller of the box agrees to check your bag.

The Teheran Bazaar - one of the only popular doctrines in Teheran.

Golestan Castle:

Mood with a bazaar. In this complex, during the Qajar dynasty, the royal family lived in 1785. The palace consists of beautiful vessels and buildings, which are converted into several museums.


In the foothills of the Tochal Mountains, you can get to Darband. Darband - This place is full of rivers, waterfalls, and high tropics. Many restaurants stand on the banks of rivers only, and here are some of the best skewers in the city. 


At first glance the Persian cuisine seems to be dominated by the national dish “Kabab” but there is so much more waiting for you if you dig deeper. You should definitely try the traditional sweet-sour “Fesendschan” (chicken in a brown sauce made out of grounded walnuts, pomegranate and spices), Tahchin (baked safran rice with pomegranate, eggs, yogurt and chicken or vegetables), Ghormeh Sabzi (green stew with herbs and lamb/beef), Dizi (stew with vegetables and meat) and of course the national dish “Tschelo Kabab” (grilled lamb meet on a stick with steamed rice).


Iran - Islamic Republic - This means that Islamic law, Sharia, is applied and partially strictly observed.

• Women owe it to themselves to follow an Islamic dress code: When a woman is in the audience, she needs to cover her naked body (hijab), put on a wide tunic / shirt, complement a light cardigan, close the neckline area, hands, a year old and earn a living.

• During Ramadan there are strict rules.

• In Iran, many popular websites and services have been blocked, including Facebook and WhatsApp. If you look at the hotspots and their usage. If you travel to Iran, you have to use VPN.