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Bristol BRS Paris BVA One way Tue 22 Oct € 40.99 Book flight
Bristol BRS Paris BVA One way Tue 22 Oct € 40.99 Book flight
Bristol BRS Paris BVA One way Tue 22 Oct € 40.99 Book flight
Bristol BRS Paris BVA One way Tue 22 Oct € 40.99 Book flight
Bristol BRS Paris BVA One way Tue 22 Oct € 40.99 Book flight
Bristol BRS Paris BVA One way Tue 22 Oct € 40.99 Book flight
Bristol BRS Paris BVA One way Tue 22 Oct € 40.99 Book flight

Tel-Aviv or Tel Aviv-Yafo, as its official name is, after jerusalem, is the largest city in israel, the country’s economic, business and cultural centre. 

It is a city with a fast pace of life and numerous leisure places. Here are the main offices of local banks and newspapers, and the climate is Mediterranean, summers are hot, winters are cold and rainy, and autumn and spring are the most comfortable. The average annual temperatures in the hot season are 28°C, and those during the winter sometimes fall below 5°C.

And because the capital Jerusalem is not always peaceful, Tel Aviv, which can be considered the administrative capital of the country, hosts a large number of Israel administrative authority agencies. Tel Aviv, together with the neighbouring cities (Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Bat Yam, Holon, Bnei Brak, Petah Tikva, Ramat HaSharon, Rison Le-Țion, Herzlia), forms the urban agglomeration Guş Dan, with a population of over three million inhabitants - over 40 percent of the entire population of Israel.

The name Tel Aviv is derived from a name from the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel, the city being built on sand dunes, bought from the Arab neighbours, north of the city of Yafo. The foundations of Tel Aviv were laid starting with 1870- 1880 by the Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe and the Near East, inspired by the ideas of national self- determination and national-religious sentiments, on dunes around the old port city of Yafo.
On the initiative of some Jewish residents of Yafo in 1909, the settlement of Ahuzat Baiyt (“Domain of the House”) was established, north of Yafo, which, a year later, was called Tel Aviv (“Spring Hill”). Then, Tel Aviv grew and expanded to the surrounding Arab and Jewish localities: Yafo, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, and in 1950, Tel Aviv was united with Yafo in a single municipality, which is called Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The transport
The public transport is operated by the company Dan - a ticket costs 5.90 NIS (new shekels). But there are also maxi taxi lines on the main boulevards of the city, called Moniyot Sherut. There the cost of a trip is 7 shekels, these maxi taxis operating even on Shabbat (Friday night and Saturday).

The beach
Even if it sounds, at first impression, a little unusual, Tel Aviv is the best place for suntanning, so the beach is the best place in Tel Aviv because there you really feel like you are on holiday. Stretching over several kilometres, the beach looks like a mix of Miami and Barcelona, it has some fine sand, it also offers places where you can play sports (beach volleyball, soccer, fitness equipment), and it also offers enough terraces and restaurants. In Tel Aviv, you can go to the beach from mid-March to mid-October without a worry - maybe in early November too. Sun loungers and umbrellas can be hired on the beach for about 15-20 shekels.

The Fortress of Jaffa (the old port), is one of the oldest port cities in the world - it is the old city. There we find narrow streets and boutiques with handmade jewellery and all kinds of accessories. Within reach of tourists who arrive in Jaffa there is also the Franciscan St. Peter’s Monastery, the largest building in the area.

The markets
For lovers of used goods, Jaffa Flea Market is the perfect place. There are Jewish and Arabic decorations, handbags with traditional motifs, watches, carpets and all sorts of other things. We can also go to Carmel Market, where food is found mainly - a street with stalls on both sides, where everything is sold: fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, seafood, sweets, coffee, spices, etc. In a nearby area we find appliances, clothing, footwear, household items, etc.
As we are talking about food, we’ll also talk about Sarona Market - a market house full of themed restaurants, with stands with Japanese, Mexican food, wine bar, burgers and steaks, shops selling sweets, olive oil, spices, pastries, juice, coffee, and so on. It is worth mentioning that Sarona Market is open on Saturdays, at Shabbat, as well.
Not far from Sarona Square we find Rothschild Boulevard, an emblematic artery of Tel Aviv. Here we find green spaces for leisure, where the residents, young and old, rest, the place is full of restaurants, cafes and headquarters of financial institutions.
On Rothschild Boulevard there are many kiosks, stands with burgers, fries, sandwiches, hot dogs and drinks, all for sale, and also many nightclubs.