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Cheap flights and Cheap Holidays to Berlin

The capital of Germany, Berlin, is a multicultural, colorful, welcoming city with a rich history and full of records held in many fields.

What do you visit in Berlin?

Brandenburg Gate

It is the most representative tourist attraction in Berlin, consisting of six imposing columns.


Berlin is a city full of bridges. Their number exceeds 900, but the most spectacular is the Oberbaum bridge. It is more impressive due to the fact that it supports both the roadway and a subway line.

Museum Island

It houses 5 museums: the Pergamon Museum, the Old Museum, the New Museum, the Bode Museum and the Art Gallery. Each museum has impressive architecture, whose exhibitions send you into the cultures of Europe and the Near East, including attractions such as the bust of Nefertiti and the Shrine of Zeus in Pergamon.


Berlin's largest and best-known public square, which is also an important hub in the city's transport infrastructure. It is an active place with many cafes and restaurants.

The Berlin wall

The Berlin Wall is one of the symbols of the city, and its eastern side remains one of the most sought-after tourist attractions. Here you will find the largest gallery of urban art, keeping 1.3 km of messages and images made by artists from all over the world.

The Holocaust Memorial

Construction meant to always remember the death of more than six million Jews during the Nazi regime.

Charlottenburg Palace

It is a very beautiful palace, built in the Baroque style, which burned to the ground, just like a lot of other buildings in Berlin.

A visit to the palace can enrich you culturally considering the fact that there are a lot of oil paintings and many other works of art.


In Berlin there is the Currywurst Museum (spicy sausage museum), and Döner Kebap is considered a traditional dish. German schnitzel, burger – are also specialties worth trying.

If you want to try a Berlin dessert, you can opt for pfannkuchen, a type of donut with various toppings, filled with jelly, known in the rest of Germany as "Berliners".