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Cheap flights and Cheap Holidays to London

Worth going and seeing

Being one of the largest cities in the World, the capital of the United Kingdom makes available to visitors an endless number of activities and attractions, whether they are related to history, architecture or leisure. It’s one of the destinations you have no right to miss when travelling is part of your agenda or it is on the list of many pleasures. London is the city that is worth visiting, where you can relax, enjoy the English tea, admire the incomparable panoramas, here you can meet a lot of people, of an overwhelming diversity.

Theatre, sports and all you want

If you’re interested in theatre, the West End district has the best theatres in the world that host the most important performances. If you are interested in sports, London is the perfect city for football fans because many of the premier league teams have their residence in the UK capital. There you will also find Wimbledon, the home of tennis. Pubs, restaurants and nightclubs with a thrilling atmosphere are other reasons for a trip to London, in addition to taking in unforgettable places full of history. London is the largest European city, the most diverse in terms of ethnicity, with nearly 200 spoken languages and over 30% emigrants.

Tourist sights you do not have the right to miss

Buckingham Palace
Built in 1703, Buckingham Palace has been and still is home of British monarchs. Part of Buckingham Palace is open to the public, especially during the summer, when the Queen is in Scotland at her summer residence. Do not miss the Royal Guard changing ceremony, which takes place every day at 11:30, in a typical English style and precision.

The Tower of London
It is a silent spectator of the bloody and tumultuous history of the British Royalty, which makes it one of the most controversial attractions. Inside the White Tower, built by William the Conqueror in 1708, you can admire the Crown Jewels, and also an impressive collection of old coins exhibited at the Royal Mint Museum.

Tower bridge
London’s most recognized symbol, Tower Bridge is a combination of a suspended bridge and a retractable one. In fact, these are two huge bridges, joined at the upper level. Being meant to link the north with the south of London over the River Thames, Tower Bridge is a true symbol of London - 40,000 people go across this bridge daily from one side to the other. Do not miss the Tower Bridge Museum, where are exhibited the first steam engines that in the past helped to lift and lower the bridge, which is also necessary at present to allow ships to sail on the Thames.

Westminster palace (the parliament)
It is also known as the Houses of Parliament. It is included by UNESCO in the Word Heritage Sites program, alongside st. Margaret Church and Westminster Abbey. It has two towers about 100 m high: Victoria Tower and the famous clock tower - Big Ben.

London eye
The largest carousel wheel in the world of this kind is located on the bank of the Thames. It has a height of 135 m and a rotation takes about 30 minutes. It has 32 glass capsules, each of which accommodates 25 people. From here you can admire the city from the height - a breathtaking panorama.

Big ben It is certainly the world’s best known clock. The official name of the tower is Elizabeth Tower, but the whole world knows it as Big Ben, which is one of the UK symbols. Pictures of this beautiful sight have been used to promote tourism or as film scenes in various cinema productions, and big ben is rendered as one of London and UK symbols.


Both the English and London cuisine are concentrated on two basic elements: breakfast, which is quite consistent, and fish and chips - pudding and pané fish, served with French fries. You can try them in other restaurants in the world, but it’s different to when you eat them in London’s restaurants.

Recommended restaurants
Duck and Waffle for a meal at a height, you have to get to the 40th floor of the Heron Tower building. Although the hotel is open 24/7, a reservation is required at least two to three weeks before a meal on Mondays - Thursdays and about a month before for a weekend reservation. The effort is worth it - the view is superb, the waiters are among the friendliest and the food is cooked and served with the greatest attention to detail.
Here you can try delicious bao buns with pork breast, lamb or fried chicken, and also other dishes such as aubergine salad with crunchy wontons, nuggets with meat from pork legs, blood sausages with sous-vide eggs etc.
Awarded a Michelin star in 2005, it is the paradise for the lovers of dim sum. There are dumplings of all kinds (steamed or roasted, with pork or prawns served in soup or with red wine vinegar).

How to get around

It is very important that you find out about transport in the city before going to London so that you could get around quickly and efficiently. One important thing to know: in London, the transport of children up to the age of 11 is free. There are different ways to pay for transport in London: Oyster Card, Visitor Oyster Card or Travel card. Oyster card is a Pay as you go smart card (you load as much money as you like onto the card), the money being withdrawn for every trip. It has the advantage of lower transport price - a metro journey to central London costs £ 2.40 with oyster card, and £ 4.90 if you pay in cash.

Travel card is a paper ticket that provides unlimited travel, which is available in three variants: day anytime (a single day at any time), day off-peak (a single day off peak hours: you can only use it after 9:30 in the morning) or 7 Day. Visitor Oyster Card is intended for visitors who do not live in the UK. It costs 3 pounds - money you do not recover, because this card never expires, you can reuse it every time you come back to London. Another solution for travelers, and not only, is the London pass - a package of services that includes transportation and free entry to about 80 tourist attractions. You can choose either a card variant or an application on your mobile phone, which, once installed, works without mobile data. You can get a tourist guide that includes maps, travel tips and tourist information. This service costs 84 or 69 pounds (with or without transport included) a day for an adult, and for a child - 49 or 55 pounds.