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27 August, 2016

They say it’s the most beautiful city in the world. Herman Melville said in 1857: “I’d rather be in Venice on a rainy day than in any other capital city on a beautiful day.” With these words he captured the whole beauty of Venice and aroused everybody’s curiosity to visit it.

The end of October of this year, will witness the launch of a new flight operated by the company FlyOne, an action which will further facilitate the circulation of passengers, provide comfort and save their time.Costing only 55 euros in one direction, Chisinau-Venice will enable FlyOne customers to reach one of the most wonderful and great cities of the world, which attracts millions of visitors who have arrived there to spend anniversaries, honeymoons or romantic holidays. Or, who are just going there to see some special places.

The flights will be operated twice a week, every Monday and Friday on Airbus A319, which is the fourth of this type in the company Fly One fleet.