Passport details

Conformity and modification of personal data in the issued ticket.

The person booking the ticket is responsible for the accuracy of the passenger's personal data entered in the reservation.

1. In case of an error made in the ticket issued, such as: the number of the passenger's transport document, the type of document, the date of birth (unless the mistake resulted in the modification of the Passenger category - child up to 2 years (infant), child between 2 and 12 years (child), adult (adult)), date of issue of the document, validity period and sex of the passenger, FLYONE allows the correction of such errors only at the airport check-in desk, with condition that during check-in, the passenger informs the agent at the check-in desk about mistakes made when the booking was made . Correction of errors made regarding the date of birth of the passenger, in accordance with the aforementioned procedure, the correction of which results in a change in the category of passengers (see above) is not allowed. In this case, in order to obtain the refund of the cost of the ticket booked with such errors, the fare rules according to which the ticket was purchased will apply.

2. If the passenger or the person who made the reservation identifies an error in the ticket already issued, regarding the passenger's name or surname, and the total number of corrections proposed does not exceed 3 characters,pasenger will pay check-in fee 20 euro for correction. If passenger will be checked-in and will have the boarding pass in that format requested by company, the correction will be for free.

3. The passenger whose name / surname is incorrectly indicated on the ticket issued and who did not follow the correction procedure mentioned in this paragraph will not be admitted for the flight.

4. FLYONE allows the change of the passenger's name or surname in the ticket already issued, for this the Tax for the change of name and surname will be applied.