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Cheap flights and Cheap Holidays to Istanbul

Istanbul - a veritable European metropolis!

Istanbul, a megalopolis of Turkey with over 18.8 million people, is the largest human settlement in Europe, Turkey's main economic, cultural and historical centre. It has been included in UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1985 and it is the only city that stretches across two continents - Europe and Asia - being a destination where you can discover many cultures and lifestyles. Istanbul is the religious centre of the Orthodox Church and is home of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

What to see in Istanbul?

Istanbul is rich not only in tourist attractions with a huge historical load, but also in places and buildings that have become famous all over the world thanks to tourists who, as the popular phrase says, "sanctified this place". Fun is guaranteed until the morning in Turkish bars and clubs, where you can have the coolest parties of your life. You can see other interesting places as well.

The Grand Bazaar

Turkey is known for its trading character, and Istanbul is no exception. That's why the Grand Bazaar - one of the most famous markets in the world, which stretches across 58 streets, gathers millions of tourists every year. The locals fill up every day there, while foreigners get to know the gastronomic culture of Turkey, the trading being extremely popular. The market, which dates back to the 16th century, also has about 1200 stores with world-recognized products and brands.

The Blue Mosque

Built in 1609 by the Ottoman architect Mehmet Aga Sedefhar, the mosque still attracts millions of tourists due to its specific size. The huge monument is surrounded by 6 high towers, which serve to call people to prayer. 

The Topkapi Palace

This is the most visited museum in Istanbul, the former residence of the Ottoman Sultan. It consists of four different courtyards where tourists can visit numerous exhibits, some over 400 years old - from porcelain and carpets to medieval Islamic armor and manuscripts.

The Hagia Sophia Church

Considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, the church has a unique structure consisting of several mosques and a cathedral. In the late ancient world, it was called the eighth wonder of the world, being not only a place of worship, but also a museum extremely visited by tourists from all over the globe. 

The Hippodrome

In the Roman (203-330 AD), Byzantine (330-1453 AD) and Ottoman (1453-1922 AD) periods, it was used as a public arena, especially for four-horse racing, which was, in fact, the most popular sport in the Byzantine Empire. The Istanbul Hippodrome is located right next to the Blue Mosque and can be visited especially to admire its decorative structures, which have been preserved for hundreds of years.

In addition to the chariot races, the Hippodrome also hosted gladiator fights, official ceremonies, protests, celebrations, torture for convicts and other events. Its capacity is about 100.000 people.

The Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan)

Undoubtedly, it is the most impressive tourist attraction of Istanbul. The Cistern Basilica was built in the city's underground since 532, by Emperor Justinian, to supply water to the Grand Palace of Constantinople. Those who have watched the "Lord of the Rings" will notice some similarities (especially in terms of ambience) to the Mine from Moriah, dug by dwarves.

The Bosphorus cruise

This is not a place, but an experience. You can take a boat ride through the Bosphorus Strait from where you can admire several tourist attractions, such as Galata Tower, Bosphorus Bridge, Ortaköy Mosque. This would ideally be a cruise during the week, on weekends the flow of tourists is higher. 

The Cicek Pasaji

A tourist attraction suitable especially for gourmets, Cicek Pasaji, in translation Flower Passage, is far from a flower alley. The place so preferred by locals but also by tourists is, in fact, an archway inaugurated three centuries ago, where many bars, restaurants and cafes are located. A huge variety of traditional Turkish dishes are served here, such as meze, kebabs, seafood, desserts, but also wines, raki or beer. The construction has the shape of the letter "L" and impresses with its European elegance and refinement. Its name comes from some Russian traders who for a long time sold flowers in several shops that were located in Cicek Pasaji.


- Traders accept both Turkish lira and euro; you can earn well at a price if you negotiate, especially at the open market.

- Unlit neighborhoods are not the friendliest at night. If, however, you venture, then it would be good to be in the presence of friends who know and speak Turkish.

- Even though Istanbul is a metropolis with a flow of millions of visitors per year, it is quite a clean city compared to other metropolises.

- It is very convenient and cheap to travel by public transport, especially since there are several subway lines in Istanbul. As in most European cities, access to the stations is based on chips.

You must try Turkish food - local dishes are an amalgam of taste and olfactory sensations. The best souvenir you can get from Istanbul is, definitely, Turkish spices - there are specialized shops on every street corner, but also in every market.