Good news at FLYONE. FLYONE announces that check-in is available 30 days before scheduled departure for an additional fee or is available while booking, if the passenger selects the seat. Also, check-in is available free of charge 7 days before the scheduled departure, but not later than 4 hours on the

Check-in fee can be purchased on the website for only 18-20EUR, or 36-40EUR, if the service is purchased at the airport. For Advantage package, check-in is free of change at the airport.

Please be aware that check-in confirmation is required to be presented in digital format or printed on A4 sheet. Also, the passport control authorities may require the printed version.

In case you checked-in but you don’t have the confirmation and passport control authorities require the printed version, you will be charged 5 EUR for printing or it will be free of charge for Advantage Package.

In case when you don’t have the check-in, 36-40 EUR will be charged for airport check-in.

Web check-in service is available for all regular flights of FLYONE airlines.

Check-in fee is non-refundable.