Find Booking

MyBookings is a convenient tool to personalize, to purchase additional FLYONE services and to manage current bookings.

MyBookings allows you to:

  1. Add additional services :

    • Add checked baggage
    • Check-in
    • Select a seat
    • Purchase meal on board
    • Guarantee your trip by adding on-time guarantee and baggage guarantee
    • Add baggage priority
  2. Manage your current bookings :

    • Change of flight time and date
    • Change passenger name
    • Cancel the flight

MyBookings is available for passengers who bought tickets for FLYONE flights regardless of the payment method or where they were purchased from.

Booking cancellation and the refund of the issued ticket in MyBookings is available at the moment only for the passengers who purchased tickets on the FLYONE official web site / mobile app. This procedure is automated but according to requirements of the Customer Service, the passenger will be in some cases required to provide additional information by the FLYONE team.

For the passengers who purchased tickets at travel agencies (both at their ticket offices and on their web sites) in the Republic of Moldova and abroad, the refund service is not available. According to the General Rules of FLYONE, the refund procedure is available only at the place of ticket purchase.