Seat selection


Select your seat now and:
  • Travel with family and friends
  • Сheck-in 30 days before the flight
  • Add legroom and get off the plane first
For the convenience of passengers on regular flights from FLYONE, the “Advance Seat Reservation” service is available. Choose a place at the window and watch the beautiful landscapes, choose a location with more space between rows for a long flight or stay with the family to discuss future trips. Take care of your comfort in time and make your flight as pleasant as possible! If you are a frequent flyer, then choose your preferred seat without hesitation. Travelers without experience will find it useful to find out more information before booking.

Passengers can purchase their favorite seat in the aircraft by selecting one of the following seating options:
  • Premium seat - 1st row
  • Extra legroom - emergency exit rows
  • Front seats - first 5 rows
  • Any other place that you like
Due to safety reasons following passengers cannot be seated in the emergency exit rows:
  • Persons with reduced mobility, with an intellectual deficiency, illness or any other cause of disability
  • Physically or mentally handicapped passengers unable to move quickly if asked to
  • Persons who are either substantially blind or substantially deaf to the extent that they might not readily become aware of instructions given to begin an emergency evacuation
  • Persons who because of age or sickness are so frail that they have difficulty in moving quickly
  • Pregnant women
  • Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR)
  • Infants and children
  • Persons whose physical size would prevent them from being able to move quickly
  • Persons in custody, deportees and inadmissible passengers
  • Passengers who are unable to comprehend safety instructions due to language deficiencies
  • Persons with pets (PETC) or guide dogs
If a seat is not booked in advance it will be assigned randomly during check-in.

In case of aircraft configuration/type changes, FLYONE cannot guarantee seating booked through ASR (Advance Seat Reservation) service and reserves the right to assign seats on a regular basis. 

The fees/charges collected are non-refundable.