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13 September, 2016

FlyOne Airline shall assume responsibility for the compensation in case of baggage damage or loss, the amount being in accordance with the national legislation and international agreements in force.

We ensure that we will do our best so that you could benefit from assistance in such cases.

In the unlikely event that your luggage is missing, damaged or delayed, please submit the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) in the airport of your arrival in the lost luggage area.

CAUTION: in case that the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) has not been completed in the airport of your arrival, Airline FlyOne takes no responsibility for undertaking search and compensation actions.

To help us to provide quick solutions we require that you submit mandatorily to the e-mail address a loss or damage file with the following mandatory content:

• Property Irregularity Report (PIR) completed in the airport where the loss or damage was discovered.
• Your name and permanent address.
• Phone number.
• The flight number and the date of travel.
• The ticket number
• The label scanned on both sides or the original label of the checked baggage on both sides.
• Pictures which clearly show the visible damage **.

The airline FlyOne take responsibility to settle your claim within the statutory period under the laws in force.

If the checked baggage does not arrive with the passenger to whom it belongs, after completing the Property Irregularity Report on (PIR), in accordance with the provisions of the Montreal Convention, the airline FlyOne assumes responsibility for the search of the checked baggage within 45 days, after its loss has been declared.

* Notified irregularities – damage or loss of luggage that the company has been informed about in writing, complying with regulations.

** Available in event of damaged suitcases.