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Important information: COVID-19

11 March, 2020

FLYONE informs about the strong commitment to provide FLYONE passengers pleasant and safe flights, and continuously assure all necessary precautionary and safety measures in this sensitive and difficult situation affected by the spread of Coronavirus on global level.

In the context of the spread of COVID-19 infection, FLYONE informs that a number of flights operated to / from Chisinau can be subject to cancellation until March 31, 2020. Thus, we would like to inform you that all flights to / from Italy have been suspended until March 31.

Passengers affected by flight cancellations will benefit from some alternatives:
- The possibility of free re-booking for another FLYONE flight for the same destination at the earliest opportunity until December 31, 2020, in the limit of available seats;
- The passengers who purchased tickets from travel agents are asked to contact the agency in order to change the flight ticket, in the limit of available seats.

FLYONE strictly follows the advice and recommendations of the health and government authorities concerning follow-up measures regarding the prevention of the Coronavirus infection. The safety of all passengers and crew members has always been our priority, especially in the context of the spread of COVID-19 infection.

Thus, following the recommendations (WHO) of the World Health Organization, FLYONE recommends passengers who booked tickets for international flights some basic protective measures against the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). Passengers are strongly urged to:
- avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections;
- wash their hands with soap and water frequently, especially after direct contact with ill people or their environment;
- avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth;
- Passengers with symptoms of acute respiratory infection must adhere to respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette (maintaining distance, covering the mouth during coughing and sneezing, frequent hand washing).

We remind that all passengers traveling to the Republic of Moldova are required to correctly and precisely fill in the epidemiological records which will be handed over to the border authorities when crossing the State Border.

FLYONE encourages passengers to ensure compliance with protection safeguards on board and to follow the recommendations about protection measures. We will always do our best to support and assist our passengers, so that they have a safe and comfortable trip.

For further information:
In case of flight schedule change or your flight has been cancelled but you have not been informed by phone or email notification, please contact the FLYONE Customer Support service:
- for national calls: +373 22 10 00 03
- for international calls: +373 22 022 777

FLYONE Customer Support can also be contacted by an email sent through the address form in the Contact Us, on the official website.